Metallicar book



Did this book years ago to tell how my 15 year old son and I built our car.I just added what pics I had on hand and included info you would need to build your own car like wheel off sets,color codes etc...

Kinda what we went through


This isn't a literary novel  or top 10 books of all time, it's just a book to help fans build their own Supernatural car. When you publish a book through Amazon  they ultimately decide what to price the book at and can change it whenever they choose. So when looking for this book just realize that.

Stars signing car


Stars signing car at Nashville Supernatural convention. Fans will like the pics of the stars in the car.

Weapons cache


We did a lot of research and came up with this product for the weapons cache. We include our plans with dinensions in the book.

Reference pics


We tried to include what pictures we had for reference purposes.

Replacing the 283 with a 327


We found a rebuilt 327 for sale locally and replaced the old 283 engine. It was fun to do together.